Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Society

It has been said that God has no respect for the individual, not a totally accurate statement, but close enough.

People gather so as to accomplish what the individual could not accomplish alone. But to agree to such an arrangement indicates that the individual sees what it is that he needs to accomplish. And little piece by piece, he does. Thus for sake of this piece or that piece of his needs, he agrees, a society is born.

But in all the variations of need and want, who if any, have seen and agreed to the entirely of their need? Without understanding the whole, each particular is over or under-focused. Infighting breaks out as agreements are stressed and needs are exaggerated or forgotten. One individual against the many. Many against the few. Many against the many. The need of all within rises, a greater need for the gathering merely to handle the new needs caused by the struggles of the gatherings. Nations are born, born by war, in war, for sake of war. The individual loses all importance. The need of the war is supreme for sake of the needs of the individuals, the very individuals who have lost all significance save in their numbers for sake of the war against the other society, the others disregarding all but their war against the first.

So what happened? How is it that the gathering proposed to serve the individuals relents to ignore the individual as it gains its own agenda and need, its own being, foresight, and cognition? Is society to be a gathering of the living, or is it to have its own life within which the individuals are but cells of the body, insignificant save for the service to the society, the "real life", the "important life", above those needs of the insignificant particulates.

At what point after a society has acquired its own consciousness, can it proclaim that it should not be, that it should not have consciousness or life above those who banned together to create it? To whom does life belong, the cells, or the body, or perhaps to that ethereal consciousness itself free to disregard the entire body and all within.

From the seed of the men who knew not the whole for what they sought, society is born to seek beyond any need of those very men and yet still having too little intellect to wholly comprehend for what it truly needs as well.

Society, merely a higher wave in the turbulence and noise that life is as it seeks what it can yet comprehend yet determined to fight for the right to obtain it.

Should it end or merely continue the strife, struggle, and crushingly and selfishly blind pursuit for it knows not what?

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