Thursday, July 29, 2010

Absolute Material Law

I find it interesting that in the modern age of nitpicking scrutiny, it seems that no one has noticed that a law of nature is actually a material entity, matter.

It is a misconception that natural laws are not material and thus argument arises concerning whether immaterial things, "like laws" exist. The truth is that laws are actually material entities and actually nothing else really exists at all.

The property of being material or not is gauged by firmness, reluctance to be changed. By mere concept alone, a true law of nature is extremely firm, if not totally immutable. But more than that, is the point that what a law is, is being entirely misrepresented.

When someone writes a statement, that statement might be said to be a law. But in reality, the statement isn’t the law, but a mere language representation of the law much like a word isn't the concept, but merely a language reference to the concept. Assuming the stated law was correct, the law itself is a part of reality, not a statement.

But can a law be touched? You might think that it can’t be, but actually the laws are the only things actually “touched”.

Although it is typically very hard to comprehend, the truth is that when you look at the very foundation of physical existence, there is no “substance” from which matter is constructed other than mere affect upon affect, affecting and being affected, nothing more. There is nothing being affected or doing the affecting other than the “force” of affect, “affectance”.

But this affecting is not random, else it could have no overall effect that wasn’t also entirely 100% random and unruly. Affectance affects by definable behaviors, “laws”. A law is a behavior. And a behavior is all there is, the behavior of affect, mutual affect to be precise. All existence of formed of mutual affect – the behavior of changing the changing – the laws of change.

It is natural law that you run into when you don't watch where you are going.

Law is the ONLY true material within all reality. Law is the "matter".

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  1. In my opinion law is a virtual reality, created by us with the intention to get as close to reality as possible .... with the pen on the paper and the calculator in the pocket. Most of the time the inaccuracy can be neglected. Most of the time.