Monday, July 19, 2010

Religion and Scientism

The problem is merely what to do with 6 billion irrational people.

You can't ask them to just be logical or rational. If they could do that, they would be doing it already. But they already think they are. Billions of irrational humans were spawned and have created a huge population void of deep thinking ability. Socialism attempts to maintain a few clever souls keeping the masses in line and in order.

The religions (including the newer Scientism) were designed, by whatever means, to retain the legion; maintain the gathering. They are society's ego. They have always assumed a socialistic oligarchical architecture. Such an architecture has the inherent and unavoidable problem of having to keep irrational people inspired with exaggerated concerns; wars, diseases, and "blood" conflicts.

True understanding of the real situation has always been the exclusive domain of the few elite, except that they never realize that by such a proprietary claim on hidden Truth, they blind themselves in false confidence. Such a situation then leaves the entire population from the least intelligent to the highest elite influence as actually truly insane, not really knowing good from bad and being held that way eternally.

Each side of every argument believes they are the wise, rational people and the other side are the stubborn foolish ones. The phrase, "you don't know your ass from a hole in the ground" came from the concept that a person doesn't know his mere stubbornness (his ass) from something missing in his understanding (a hole in his grounding). Such a phrase suits the entire population.

Extremely few people ever learn how to know that they know without merely being presumptuous. Yet so very many are willing to be ultimately stubborn in their arguments. The religions and today the governments as well, instill that property into people. It is intentional that people are blinded from their own cause of stubbornness. That is how you make a strong proponent for your cause, whatever it is. You turn people into asses so you can ride them through rough territory. Asses riding asses to market ass meat and ass blood to other asses.

Today's technology merely serves to make it easier to maintain the relentless insanity, to mechanize it even to the point of removing the need to involve humans at all. But why not physically improve what a human is since we have the technology with which to play. So now we have insane people redesigning humanity to fit their insane image of a god to forever control all things. Ever heard the expression, "the inmates have taken over the asylum"?

Yeah, reconcile Scientism with Religion; two names and political parties for the same thing. Reconcile them into what? A single political party with no competition or contrast with which to see their worst weaknesses? Well, that might be one way to stop it all. Take away Mankind's contrast consciousness entirely.

The only other option is to form a small, very small gathering of the extremely few who can understand life and logical rationale.

Good luck finding them.

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  1. The reason for this irrationality, and it is logical to assume that you are including yourself in the 6 billion figure, is the continuous disinformation that is fed to them. Humans are considered to be "rational-animals" for the simple fact that they are better developed at figuring things out than other species. But to reach a high level of rationalism it is necessary that what is fed to them must be also rational, otherwise, like a computer, it continues to replicate the error that it was originally programmed with. The solution is truthfulness at every level of consciousness ... if that is attainable. Provided with facts as opposed to fables most humans would be able to rationalize the information the right way.