Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Rational Metaphysics: The Equation for Space

Rational Metaphysics, RM, is an ontology for physics formed without the presumptions inherent in the Science of physics and is introduced here.. Rational Metaphysics.

Within RM is an equation that mathematically describes any portion of space, regardless of what is in that space. Anything within that space merely alters a few parameters without change in the equation itself. And of course a part of that equation is time.

The time variable in the equation allows for both post- and predictions throughout all time. In effect, it allows for someone to predict the exact state of that space and whatever might have been in it throughout the future. Or it can be used to calculate what state the space had to have been in prior such as to get to the state it is in.

Of course there are inherent problems. Knowing the truly exact state of any bit of space is all but impossible so trying to simulate any real space would inherently erroneously predict due to improper initialization. Whatever its first given state is, it could never be truly and totally representative of any particular portion of real space. But sometimes close enough, is close enough for the need.

Also amongst the problems is the fact that space is actually infinite in all directions (despite theories and fantasies to the contrary) and thus there is no actual boundary. And because there is no actual boundary in real space, there are affects stemming from outside the given portion under study that will affect the actual future state. Without including the entire universe, trying to calculate the future for any one portion is limited.

Another problem is that to truly represent all of any significantly large space (anything greater in size than a pea) a horrendously large computer would have to hold all of the parameters.

But such limitations do not make the equation entirely useless. When investigating particle reactions, one need not build a multi-billion dollar particle collider, a multi-thousand dollar computer can do the job setting in someone’s office. And the good thing is that it is likely to be even more accurate than the collider without all of the potential dangerous of blowing up the user or the world.

But let’s say that such an equation was advanced to the point where it became practical to truly represent all of the activity on Earth with a high degree of accuracy, every atom, ever blade of grass, every human endeavor. What do you suppose would happen then?

With such a system, one could predict the consequences of any and every proposed change in laws or environment. One could get creative and predict the probable outcome of many proposed changes in environment, politics, social science, religion, or simple moving of these people from point A to point B. And all without having to go kill anyone to get it done. Danger would be minimized. Well, except for that one.

Man, throughout his history has constantly sought to be a god. Not merely a god, but THE GOD in absolute control of all things throughout the world and even the universe. There are a variety of reasons that keeps such a thing on his limited mind and heart, but there is no question that anything allowing him to become more of a true prophet, is something he would kill anyone and everyone to get his hands on. And with such a computer, he would have such a thing.

With a large enough computer and the Equation of Space, anything that is possible to be accomplished could be designed in serious detail. Any invention imaginable that was actually doable could be designed to a tee. Any and every cure for any illness could be fully designed along with the required means to deliver it. Of coarse, also any and every potential disease could also be designed. Every type of religion could be designed, every type of governance as well. Whoever had such a computer could answer any and every whim whether for good or bad.

So what would you do with such a device if it was in your hands? What goal would you seek for the human race?

Realize that what I have formed in RM, was already formed in perhaps a more crude way back in the 1950’s. Of course there have always been crude forms throughout history. And by being to close right without being exactly right, the more powerfully dangerous people get. So today, as such endeavors get closer and closer to being “close enough”, the threat to all humanity increases greatly depending on the sanity of the people running the program and making the choices as to what future will be constructed.

Many stories and films have been made with such a thought in mind. Many worries and many hopes have been dreamt. Television shows such as Dr. Who explores in fanciful form the types of concerns that are revealed by being able to see (or “travel”) into the past and future, “do this, and lets see what comes of what you just did”.

What I find most disturbing is not the potential power of such a device in the hands of the wrong people, but rather that there seems to be no “right people” who actually have a sane idea concerning what the future “should be”, what goal to design toward.

With a great deal of experience toying with such a device without actually implementing the proposed changes in the world, the lusts for power gets quailed into a far more moderate understanding, less passion and more compassion. The final question of “why bother to do anything” gets answered without passion presumptions or primitive yearnings. But how do you stop the lust to implement “close enough” before the more favorable designs have been explored?

Given the chance, the rationality in RM settles into the soul to allow the noise of lustful passions for control and domination to calm and fade. Man then has to decide for what purpose he is to actually do anything for sake of the future. His mind and heart becomes clear of his presumptions. The “Sin” within Man himself fades.

I said that the Equation for Space has already been developed in crude form and by some very influential people. But how do I know it is in “crude” form? I know by comparison of the fruit of such a “tree of knowledge”. What I see is exemplary of the “close enough” equation in the lustful wrong hands. What I see is insidious manipulation where none was needed, death, misery, and destruction where none was needed.

The RM model does not inspire to seek total domination of all reality. It displays the consequences of such attempts to be disastrous and eventually futile. It shows a more sane way of achieving sanity among homosapian; less death, misery, and destruction of what humanity is, more freedom and less struggle for all concerned.

A man once asked, “what do you do with 300 million insane people?” I now must ask, “what do you do with 6.5 billion of them?” Let them see the futures they propose? Will that bring sanity among them? Will that inspire true rationality in Man for perhaps the first time? “Close enough” is going to make him extinct. That part is already foreseeable.

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