Saturday, August 18, 2012

Rational Metaphysics:Affectance Ontology

Rational Metaphysics is an ontology built upon Definitional Logic that explains existence thusly;

Physical existence is defined by the property of degree of affect upon degree of affect. Every point in space is a Potential-to-Affect, "PtA". Every PtA is affecting the PtA immediately surrounding it such as to alter the amount of potential at those points in space. But it is logically and physically impossible for those points to ever become homogeneously equal. Thus space is always changing its PtA throughout the entire universe.

That changing is called "Affectance" and is the substance of the physical universe of which everything in the universe is made. And is also the situation from which all true laws of physics are formed. The objects in space such as particles are clusters of that changing. And all properties of all materials and forces are derived by the consequences of such affectance.

To date, all of the observations of contemporary physics have been explained by Rational Metaphysics, "RM", without presuming any of the laws of classical or quantum physics. The foundation of RM is conceptual definitions followed by consequential logic and can be verified by empirical observation (Science).

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