Saturday, May 22, 2010

Progressing, Joy, and Momentum

Joy and the inspiration to continue in life come from the inner perception of progress toward an accepted good or goal direction. Joy is the sense that “good is at hand”.

The perception of progress or “the good at hand” can only occur from the measure of it. The natural mind perceives such measurements as a part of its normal functioning. But interestingly, the conscious mind often ignores the actual measure as it pursues merely the feeling, the inner perception of the good, regardless of whether the good is anything the conscious mind would agree to being actually good.

In effect, this disables the worth of the conscious mind and makes the person very susceptible to being misled and bemused by outside influences. The person in such a state is unconscious of the fact that he is not actually making any progress toward any improvement at all. In a sense, he is but dreaming and sleep walking and talking.

To ensure actual progress, enduring changes must be monitored.

People speak and act so as to have affect on their surroundings. Most often, the effect is intended to be only temporary, but at times the intent is to more permanently adjust society in a chosen direction.

When a statement is made, what effect has it had? Has it changed any opinions? For how long will the change endure? If momentum toward a goal is to be achieved, the smaller positive changes must endure. It is insufficient for angels to merely have wings. They must also have armor and often armament and allies.

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  1. Hmmn, I don't know James. Joy is... joy. The wife and I have a two-year-old, and he fills us with joy. It's kind of a primal instinctive thing. Yes, good is at hand, but it's somehow more than that.