Monday, May 24, 2010

Universe’s Entropy

The universe eternally and cyclically reforms. The only reason the universe is currently thought to be governed by entropy and fading away is that currently it is dispersing from a time when it was more gathered and had entropy (i.e. more harmony).

There has been zero evidence or rationale for the case of the universe ever having been a single particle and certainly not a singularity. A singularity is a fantasy particle speculated many years ago before much thought was put into the notion. The highest probability (almost a certainty) is that the universe is currently dispersing from a collision of 2 or more very large particles, black holes. Metaphysically speaking there is no alternative, but Science cannot ever verify such history.

After a long enough time dispersing, a few hundred trillion years, the universe will be at the low point of its pendulum-like swing and the tendency will favor small particles forming, attracting each other, and joining into black holes that will be at extreme distances.

After much more time, the black holes will gradually progress toward each other due to their gravity and electrostatic field differences. As they gravitate toward each other, they increase velocity because in effect, they are in free fall toward each other in the same way as a rock falling to Earth. But because they started their free fall from an extreme distance and each has extreme gravitational pull, the velocity at impact will also be extreme, some fraction of the speed of light.

The fact that each black hole contains within itself enough energy to form another universe all on its own plus the fact that the energy represented by their extreme speeds also represents a similar amount of energy, means that when they collide, the amount of energy released as small and large particles as well as radiant energy will be enough to from another version of what you see when you look out into space.

But such a cycle is not 100% pure. There is no time when all energy is in a single harmonious particle form, nor at such a dispersal that there is no particle at all. As the universe disperses, there is less entropy from interference (slowing the entropy process) and during that time, many particles and even life can be minimally maintained, but certainly not in what we think of as a "natural" state.

With each swing of the pendulum, each entropy-to-relative-harmony reciprocation, any life that has maintained has the opportunity to ensure that even more life is maintained the next time, and it will. Eventually life is strong enough and wise enough to be able to slow the cycling and even stop it by keeping the black holes in orbit rather than allowing them to collide. The irresistible force need not collide with the immovable object (a lesson for the religions to learn someday as they are in the same cycle).

In both the case of the entire universe as well as the religions (including secularism), Life lives on despite the fall of the great gatherings. Eventually Life is smart enough and capable enough to stop the gatherings (the religions) from colliding and place them into orbit so that conflict and death are no longer an issue for any life.

The final stage of any universe, social or physical is that of a living being. There is no alternative. This process cannot be stopped by anything Man could ever do. Man's only option at all is to try to be a part of that Life before Life merely dispenses with Mankind entirely for a more rational creature designed by Mankind himself, to replace himself. Life cannot stop and will not be abated, but need not harbor anything human.

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